Author: Adrian

Recent amendments to conveyancing legislation allow for electronic land transactions.This requires end goal planning and verification of the identity of participants. Email or call Adrian if you have queries, as this is now a new environment for completion of land transactions and, without proper planning, will have potential pitfalls.

Networking events have been thick and fast.
Congratulations to the winners at NSW Premier Export Awards. There is certainly a great space for export business for Aussies and I am now exporting my legal services.
Congratulations to Sunway Iskandar and the launch of the Johor MABC Chapter. This was a great event with a high level of networking energy. This is a significant opportunity to export technological, professional and educational services to Johor.
Congratulations to Sydney CBD Chamber for a great Christmas at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. This is the “go to” Chamber for business networking.

Hello and welcome to Adrian Holmes Law.

Adrian Holmes Law provides a “go to man on the ground” to deliver and manage the legal services for your business in Australia. Adrian has a number of contacts in Malaysia to facilitate the delivery of legal services and is a member of the Malaysia Australia Business Council.